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The Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans (DCHV)

DCHV (domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans) is an initiative by the Department of VA and is one of the oldest programs. Set up in the late 1980s, DCHV initial aim was to cater for incapacitated volunteer soldiers during the civil war. It was then improved from a “soldier’s home” to rehab and treatment initiative for both male and female ex-soldiers and was integrated with MH RRTPs (Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs. To learn more about this visit: www.va.gov/homeless/dchv.asp.


This is a partnership program by the Housing program and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which aims at providing housing and continuous health services to the “harder to serve” displaced ex-soldiers who suffer from mental illness and drug addiction. The 8th Section of HUD’s program has 1,780 vouchers, totaling to 44.5 USD million for the homeless severe mentally sick ex-soldiers. VA employees at over thirty-five sites give out clinical care, continuous case management, and outreach services. Accurate evaluation of the initiative shows that this program has largely help reduce the days that mental ill and drug addicted homeless ex-solider suffer. One needs to be a VA health care qualified veteran and will need to meet the term of “homeless” as described at the start of this chapter.

As an ex-soldier, you will require case management services so as to get and achieve independent community housing. Those who need case management services have severe mental sickness, physical inability, or have a drug addiction problem. Candidates who qualify for the program need to use the supportive services, aid and treatment recommendation so as to recover and get housing in the community.

HUD-VASH ensures that qualified displaced veterans get permanent housing, whether you are single or have a family. Since HUD-VASH caters for ex-soldier suffering from medical, mental and drug disorder, qualifying ex-soldiers will need to be able to do tasks of daily living and also live on their won in the community, with case management and support services.

You will need to get in touch with your local VA Homeless Program to get the HUD-VASH application form, Ex-soldiers can contact HUD-VASH program directly or get a referral from a case supervisor.


  1. Please help me!

    I am looking for a VA Domicillary to stay in. I am a homeless female veteran. I am currently staying in a motel, but I am running out of money.

    I don’t use drugs or alcohol, but I do have anxiety issues.

    Please help me!
    Thank you,
    Beth Carey
    Elizabeth L Carey

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