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Support for the Homeless Veterans

The number of military veterans who are homeless is quite high and shocking. An approximate of a third of adult homeless males and a quarter of all homeless people served in the armed forces. Despite this, there are no accurate records of the number of people who are homeless veterans, but the number of old soldiers on the streets is approximated to be around 200,000, or higher during a year. You will also find that other ex-service members are considered to be at risk due to poverty, no support from relatives or friends and the high standard of lifestyle in various urban areas.

It is estimated that 97% of the homeless ex-soldiers are men and most of them are single. Also around half of the homeless members suffer from mental sicknesses and more than two-thirds fight with alcohol and drug addiction. Almost 40% of the homeless ex-soldiers have psychiatric and drug addiction problems. Some of them are afflicted with mental and physical losses due to their time in the military. What some of them don’t realize is that there are programs set out to help them out.

The previous year only, VA provided health services to over 100,000 homeless ex-soldiers and also gave services to at least 70,000 in special programs for the homeless. Over 40,000 of the homeless members get compensation or pensions annually. VA’s program for the homeless offers range of services and support to ex-soldiers, so that they recover and live a much better and independent life.


  1. I am a Vietnam Vet who became ill with Parkinson in 1995.. I became 100% disabled by the VA in
    2014. Does my spouse receive any pension after I die? If so how do I know how the amount is calculated?

  2. Hi. I am a vets widow who is currently homeless and in need of help in red bluff ca. My husband passed away last year in the middle of applying for additional benefits.

    Is there any help for spouse support?


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