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Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) for Serious Disabilities

Any veteran who, as a result of military service or duty, incurred the loss of his extremities or use of other specific organs is paid additional compensation by the VA. Such loss is defined as an amputation and is a state where a veteran’s organ or extremity doesn’t have any effective remaining function. SMC is awarded to a veteran after the disabilities VA makes the following considerations:

  • Loss of a foot or hand (inclusive of loss of use)
  • Paralysis or a joint immobility
  • Loss of eyesight (having light perception)
  • Loss of reproductive organs (inclusive of loss of use)
  • Complete loss of buttocks (both buttocks)
  • Deafness of ears (absence of bone and air condition)
  • Complete organic aphonic (communication difficulties by speech)
  • Loss of breast tissues in a certain percentage from radiation or mastectomy treatment (a single or both breasts)

If a veteran incurred two or more disabilities in combination, the VA pays a higher rate depending on the particular disabilities combination, in monetary increments. The combination could include the loss of arms, hands, feet and legs or loss of the use of these organs or extremities. Various combinations also come with other higher payments compared to others; for example, bilateral blindness with severe deafness. Complete loss of bladder and bowel control with service-connected paraplegia makes a veteran to receive additional special monthly compensation.

In addition, if a veteran has the above SMC, in combination with other service-combination disabilities and meets certain criteria, there may be a consideration of a higher SMC amount. Also, an additional SMC payment consideration may be considered in the case of a veteran who is bedridden, housebound, or has 100 per cent service connected rate. The SMC amount is dependent on the attendance and aid needed.

In case you have any queries or questions that have not been clarified or clearly explained, you can either apply at www.va.gov or visit any VA regional office in your locality.

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