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Share information about my healthcare experience

Our aim is to provide you the care in the best possible way and for that reason, you are encouraged to give us your feedback. In case you have a problem with your Primary Care Provider, you can discuss it with him/her in person. If your problem remains unresolved, the Patient Advocate at your VA Medical facility can be contacted. The Patient Advocate is qualified to resolve most problems as he or she can contact the concerned staff of VA. Compliments are shared with the involved staff and their reporting officers. For questions regarding eligibility, the Enrolment or Business Office at your local VA medical facility may be contacted.


  1. I received this email. The link to the survey is broken
    Thank you,
    We understand you recently attended a Compensation and Pension examination. One of our immediate goals is to improve the examination process and we are asking for feedback on your personal experience with the examination. We would really appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer the questions in this voluntary and anonymous survey. This survey is being used to help us identify specific areas we can address to improve the experience for you and other Veterans. Thank you for your time and thank you for your service. This survey will close one week from today.

    Please click this link to take the survey.

    Thank you,
    VBA Compensation Service

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