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Relocation Assistance Program

When you are going to plan your final move then it is the critical section in transition from the military. To make you transition at relocation section more painless, the relocation assistance program is designed so that you can understand the process through this by getting the information, counselling and resources.

Whatever moves till now you took in military, the upcoming relocation of yours is very different. To go out of your military life this is your final move. It means it could lead a stressful life in the future and give an impact too on your decisions. For this different final move there are specialists of relocation assistance program to prepare you completely for this.

It include following things:-

  • It needs planning and assessment according to the situation and requirement of individuals and families.
  • By the military installation and plan like My Move Features of Military Homefront (http://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil) worldwide you can get extensive automated information on the communities of military and civilian. Close to the military installation through this feature you can get employment, health and wellness, education, research and information, employment and housing directory and services.
  • This program can provide you help by connecting you with special programs, suggesting or by giving reference to the offices that can help and by giving the information according to your unique situation.
  • If you are doing the transition from an installation which is overseas then by providing special re-entry services and programs.
  • By conducting so many programs related and according to the adults and children, to manage the stress of family members providing the sessions and workshops ,knowledge of ways of getting settled in a new community by buying or rent and by making a plan of budget of relocation.

When you go through the relocation process which is left, what questions you have to ask according to your need can be understood by you after visiting the specialist of relocation assistance program. At your family center you can go and meet your officer of RAP by visiting the RAP office. Through the training of Staff of RAP you can become a smart consumer. To make your most of the move you can gather a lot of questions and information from here.

Following service specific entities are referred by the term “Family Center”:-

  • Coast guard: family readiness
  • Air-Force: Airman and family readiness center
  • Marine Corps: marine and family services
  • Army: Army community service center
  • Navy: Fleet and family support center

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