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Planning Your School Schedule

One of the biggest problems that many of the experienced people face while enjoying the Veteran education benefit is the educational load. They don’t have the experience and they don’t know how to schedule their daily school work. It may be a difficult task for them. I was once a security guard and at that time my fellow showed me his daily class schedule. When I saw his schedule I was totally amazed and asked him how he will manage it all. He registered for classes at a university and the timings were 9 in the morning till 4 in the evening and that too for 4 days a week. As he was also a security guard, he used to work for 40 hours on a shift. When I asked him, he was totally blank. He had no idea how he will manage eating, sleeping, working and spending time with his two beautiful little kids and wife.

One thing that all veteran students need to know is that it is not only the time in class. The actual time is outside the class and that is what to worry about. If you are a university student, the problem is huge. The students need to read and write in the class depending on their major subjects. It is commonly said that the student need to study for at least 3 hours in order to understand the things properly. It was not the case for me. I thought that instead of working for 3 hours one night why shouldn’t I just do the work in 30 – 45 minutes per day. Now here comes the concept of factoring which is important for all the students but is most important for the non-traditional students.

It is not wrong if I say that all the veteran students are non-traditional students as they didn’t enroll immediately after higher studies. A bill named Post-9/11 is especially designed for the non-traditional students.

Taking that bill into consideration, I reduced my security guard hours and still was able to pay my bills. I remember that most of the veterans tried to work for 40 hours even with the studies. I always kept that thing in mind that a person can only bear objects according to his strength. The other people thought that carrying all the objects will make them use to it in no time. The result that I observed is that the objects start falling one after the other as they were unable to carry all of them. What I learnt is that overburden can be harmful, only carry the objects that your arms allow you.

I recommend that the bill students must be taking 4-5 classes each semester. Most of the classes are held only once in the week. So you need to manage the things accordingly. The veteran students don’t want to spend their time inside the campus. Talking about me, I used to go for the subjects with two to three classes each week. I think that multiple assignments will really help me a lot. With multiple classes the time of each class is reduced and it adds a lot of ease as shorter classes is easier to attend.

I the end I would advice all such students to completely focus on their studies and get rid of the income tension for few years. Once you finished the education, you will be having a lot of money. Such sorts of benefits are not always offered. Other jobs are and will be there. Keep in mind all the necessary things. No need to burden yourself. Stay relaxed.

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