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Picking a School for Your GI Bill Education

When veteran decide to make use of the education benefit or the Post 9/11 bill, one of the major problems is selecting a school. There are hundreds of things that cross their mind and they simply have no idea how to deal with all that stuff. There are different types of educations including the technical education, university education etc. I will tell you how to pick a school in this article.

First of all you need to know what you want for a job. If you know, that is really very awesome. It will help you in knowing the pre requisites of that and will allow you to study accordingly. If you totally have no idea about it, it is somewhat OK. I would recommend some university degree or community college for such type of veterans. Have a look at the school options.

There are many choices including the for-profit schools and the public schools. The for-profit schools are the top priority as they help the vets in reaching their desired path. If you are looking for a career for which a certification or license is required, no need to go for the public schools. You need to ensure that public school education will help you in reaching your desired destination.

Vets looking for the traditional education i.e. university or college education, need to have a look at their transcript. If you don’t have any previous experience, no need to go for it. Go for a community college for two reasons. First of all it will help you gain the momentum and secondly it will help you to the university. It is observed that if you directly go for university education, it will be difficult for you.

Another thing that you need to do is to search the school. It is not always necessary that the school you choose is the best. As the number of vets using the GI bill is increasing rapidly, number of schools has been opened. There are so many schools that are there only to fill their pockets. You must ensure that the benefit you have earned should be spent wisely.

Vets must ensure that the school is friendly for them. You can search for the school with Vet resource center. You need to call the center and know what they have offered. In case if the school don’t have vets resource, you need to look for other centers.

At the time when I went for the G1 bill, there were only universities. They didn’t know the payment procedure and how bill will be working. I am thankful that CSU channel island provided me the contact and that added a lot of ease. That is how the vet friendly schools work.

If you have any question related to the bill, feel free to ask me. I will be pleased to help you. Email me at joes@militaryconnection.com . I will help you the best I can. There are many additional things on the website of VA that will help you in choosing a school and applying for education benefits.

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