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Non Service-Connected Conditions

If while you are receiving emergency care in a non-VA facility your situation satisfies the following, VA may pay for your emergency treatment:

  • The period of the care cannot be covered by another VA authority
  • On the basis of an average knowledge of medicine and health or prudent layperson standard, you had reasons to believe that delay in receiving medical treatment would endanger your life or health.
  • The VA or any other federal officials were not available
  • You had been given VA medical care within 24-months prior to receiving non-VA medical treatment.
  • You are required to cover the medial expenses associated with the emergency care you received
  • The medical care you received was provided by a facility responsible for providing emergency care to the public or similar facility
  • There is no other health care coverage such as Medicare, worker’s compensation and Medicaid which is available to you
  • There is no contractual or legal source of help from a third party that would enable you to cover the expenses of the emergency care.

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