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MyHealthEVet – Online Services

Today is the world of internet. Each and every thing is provided on the internet. VA has developed an official website that allows the vets to manage their health related things and to know about the criteria. The basic purpose is to add ease to the life of vets by providing all the information at one place.

The registered users will be able to copay balances, view appointments and other important things. The website allows access to:

  • Health information
  • Important links related to VA benefits
  • Online services
  • Personal Health Journal

Personal Health Journal is the one that provides the important features that will help you in managing your health care activities. It includes:

  • Contact information
  • Treatment locations
  • Health care providers
  • Treatment location
  • Health insurance information

The personal health journal is not over yet. It will help you in many other matters as well. It will allow you to design the wallet ID card, a card that will add convenience to your life. It will allow you to record the significant events from your past service in military and the tasks that are directly or indirectly related to your health. There is also a space for you where you can list your allergies etc.

The website also allows the vets to have a look at his medication, drugs and supplements. You can simply record each and every thing including the start date, end date, comments etc.

Test date, test name, test location, name of provider, comments, results and many other things can be tracked. You can have a look at the complete history for different purposes. In simple words you can have the access to so many things. All you need is to register on the website. There are many functions on the website. One of them is Health eLogs. It will allow the users to track previous record of so many health aspects including:

  • Pain
  • Heart rate
  • Body weight
  • Body temperature
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure


  1. How do get to the signin page? Need to refill Meds for my heart. I already went through several links and couldn’t find what I’m searching for. This is why I don’t trust the VA. The front web pages of the VA is so messed up. Perhaps the VA has something sinister in what they want to delete from the Veterans. I have not received any physical mail from the VA. This new webpage has come as a surprise to me. What ever the VA wants to tell me I can take it. Just don’t hide behind curtains. My file has my current physical address and phone number.

  2. George L. Arrington

    This new page is so disorganized that I cannot login to my account. Why can’t I go directly to the login page?

    • Thank you for this feedback — we are currently working to improve the content and formatting of our website, and welcome your suggestions.

      Which specific login page are you seeking?

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