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My GI Bill Story

Like all the other vets I registered in hope of a better life. I was in extreme pain and tension when I realized that I am not in military anymore. I simply had no idea what I am going to do and how things will happen. I would have gone for the benefit and earn a degree but I was newly married and I was really worried about the responsibilities and money. I wasn’t able to think of anything else other than money. That is why I decided to search for a job.

I started working as a security guard. As my past experience was good, I was promoted to the management in no time. I was really happy at that time. I was able to earn decent amount of money. My wife was too happy. But there was a certain feeling. I was not interested in doing that all. I was only doing it for money as I had no other way. I decided to do something better. My wife helped me a lot and I just left my job and went to school.

I started using the benefit when I was 31. My personal view is that the bill is not good for all the vets. I mean we have to complete the education in 3 years no matter what. As I already earned an AA, the bill turned out to be perfect for me. Another thing is that you will only get the pay when you are enrolled actively in the vet’s school. It means no money during the summer and winter break. As I had earned a lot of money, it was easy for me and my life to live comfortably. Also, my wife had a full time job and I still used to work at nights and weekends.

If you are looking to utilize that people you need to notice few of the things. You must be assured of the desired education, the time it will take and how you will survive during the breaks. Another thing that you need to take care of is that the school should be friendly. California state university is the one in which I was enrolled.

 I also completed BA in English after 10 years of graduation. I really worked hard and that hard work paid. Now I am working at Military connections and I am really very happy. I am satisfied. I am doing what I love to do and helping others as well. It was not an easy task. Only I know what I had faced and that all can’t be explained in words. I don’t know how to end the story but I will only say that you need to work hard if you really want something better.

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