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Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty (MGIB)

What is the G.I. Bill?

The Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty (otherwise known as the MGIB-AD) program offers VA education benefits, including tuition assistance and career training, to active duty military serving in one of the respective branches of the military.  The G.I Bill was placed into effect in 1984 to provide educational assistance to honorably serving or discharged service members. For more information about how to use your MGIB assistance and eligibility requirements, take a look at our informative sections below!

How Does the GI Program Work?

Eligible applicants are able to obtain up to three years of educational assistance with any of the applicable classes or programs. Once the benefits have been granted, most service members have the flexibility to wait up to ten years before using their MGIB funds. In some situations, however, this duration may be shortened or extended. The total amount paid to you on a monthly basis is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Course type
  • Duration of service
  • Ranking
  • Participation in the $600 buy up program
  • College Fund Availability

How to Use Your Montgomery GI Assistance

These educational benefits are occasionally referred to as the Chapter 30 GI Bill, and can be applied to a variety of educational disciplines. Generally, the financial assistance you reap from participating in the GI program covers approximately 36 months (roughly three years) of financial assistance towards the educational or vocational program of your choice.  Funding from your MGIB program can be used for vocational school, university degrees, technical school, hands-on training courses, self-development courses, entrance exams, flight courses, and more! Other educational courses may be considered appropriate on a case-by-case basis, and dividends are often considered valid for ten consecutive years after being honorably discharged or released.

 The basic eligibility requirements for the GI Bill include:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • A minimum of three consecutive years of honorable active-duty service in a primary military branch, including the Army.
  • Accepting an honorable discharge from service due to an injury or other circumstances

Applying for MGIB-AD Benefits:

The application process for the Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Program is easily completed in only one simple step. With online, main-in, and walk-in applications availale, applying for your Active Duty GI Bill is simple. Either submit your application online, visit one of the four VA regional offices, or call 1-888-442-4551 to request an application be mailed to you. After your application has been submitted, individuals are able to use various tools, such as the Veteran’s Association’s interactive office map, to check estimates of how long it will take your application to be processed.

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