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Military Funeral Honors

If requested by the family, the public law number 106-65 bounds the government to provide the veteran with a military funeral along with presentation of US burial flags and taps playing.

The below listed groups make their way into honoring the military funerals:

  • Servicemen on duty or serving selected reserves
  • Ex-servicemen who got discharged with honor
  • Ex-servicemen who got honorably discharged after completing at least one enlistment term or initial obligated service period in the selected reserves.
  • Ex-servicemen discharged due to a disability caused while serving the military.

As per law, the military funeral must have two or more persons who are uniformed. One of them must be a member of the parent armed force of the veteran. The funeral home directors at the DOD may be contacted for such funerals.

You may also be assisted by the administration of the National cemeteries under VA if you want a funeral arranged for your beloved veteran. Assistance may be provided for honors of military funeral by the veteran organizations. When a funeral service is required at a national cemetery, they may be arranged by the committal service of funeral home.

For details, the following website may be visited: www.militaryfuneralhonors.osd.mil. The local office of funeral may be contacted for arrangement of funerals.

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