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Managing Your VA Health Care Benefits and Costs of Care

My Healthe Vet

MyHealtheVet is the online portal for managing your VA health benefits.  You can use the site to refill prescriptions, maintain a record of your medical history, schedule and manage appointments, talk to providers directly with questions, and more.  While anyone can register for a Basic account, only verified veterans or VA beneficiaries will be able to create Advanced or Premium accounts that link their VA health profile.

Visit www.myhealth.va.gov to create your MyHealtheVet account

Paying for Care

While many veterans will qualify for free health care, others must meet income threshold requirements or must otherwise be means-tested to qualify for full or partial coverage.

Visit www.va.gov/healthbenefits/cost/financial_assessment.asp for information on the financial assessment process for veterans who fall into enrollment priority groups below Priority Group 6.

The cost of care will vary according to enrollment priority group/disability rating, service connection of the condition being treated, and the individual copays for specific treatments or for network or non-network providers are adjusted annually.

Visit www.va.gov/healthbenefits/cost/copays.asp for the most recent, detailed information on copayments.

NOTE: It is important to note that TRICARE coverage, Medicare coverage, or other health insurance (OHI) are not replaced by the Health Benefits Package available through the VA, because the Health Benefits Package and related VA health care is not an insurance plan.  These other health care plans can be essential in paying for non-service-connected conditions and also for paying the copays on your VA medical care.

On the other hand, VA treatment charges may help veterans reach their annual deductibles for these other health care plans more quickly.

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