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Is my personal information secure on eBenefits?

Yes. The eBenefits site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, now called Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS provides a secure Internet connection. DoD websites are sometimes accessed by eBenefits to enable you to create an account, log in, and display service information. DoD uses strong security certificates that are not available elsewhere. Everyday browsers that you might use for such activities as online shopping don’t always recognize certain security certificates. Your browser may display an alert message when visiting some websites when it encounters an unknown security certificate. If such alert messages appear, you must check to ensure that the browser is attempting to reach a DoD system. If you see a URL that ends with .mil, instruct your browser that the site is OK. You must be cautious when entering or viewing personal details on your eBenefits account if accessed from a public place. Also, you must not forget to log out from your account and close the browser when you are done. Through Level 2 credentialing, proper protection of all your personal data within the system is ensured. To protect your personal data, Level 2 access is required as an additional security measure.

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