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If I’m not satisfied with my health care, who do I contact?

VA supports your right to present concerns, unmet needs, or complaints to us without fear of reprisal or having your access to care compromised. A Patient Advocacy Program is in place at each VA health care facility to ensure your concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Patient Advocates are trained to help you resolve your concerns about any aspect of your health care experience, especially those concerns that can’t be resolved at the point of care. They have the ability to make sure you receive the best care according to the law. Patient Advocates are authorized as VA’s single point of contact (SPOC) to address your questions, issues, problems, or any special needs by sorting out the issues with the staff concerned at the Medical Center on your behalf. They can be contacted through the nursing or support staff at any clinic.


  1. My husband is a veiet Nam vet, since that time,he has only on rare occasions used his medical services, until recently,we found out that he has a severe lung disease,the medication Opsummit, has been prescribed,but not given to him,he passes out.on a fairly regular basis, but is told to just continue to wait while they evaluate him! It’s been 7 months! I feel there just waiting for him to DIE!

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