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How Is The TSGLI Benefit Paid?

The TSGLI payments are made by either one of these methods: • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) : in this method, the account specific by the Service member is used and the TSGLI payments are electronically transferred to it. Apart from the Service member, this service is also available for the member’s power of attorney or guardian. • Lump Sum (Prudential’s Alliance Account): it is a draft account established on the interest basis. It is made by the member’s name with a draft book. The member has the facility to write drafts of any amount available till the amount of the proceeds. The member has the time to make decisions regarding his funds while they are all secure, earning continuous interests. There are no charges on the check or any monthly fees; checks can be ordered with no charges. However, there are charges in certain cases like copies of statements/checks, stop payment orders and returned checks. For further details, check this link for answers to frequently asked questions about the Alliance Account. • Lump Sum (Check): the guardian or the attorney-in-fact will receive a single check for the whole TSGLI benefit payable, on behalf of the Service member. This option is only available for Service member’s guardian or power of attorney.

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