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How Do You Reduce or Cancel Your SGLI Coverage?

A form SGLV 8286, Service members’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate must be filed and completed with your uniformed service if you wish to cancel or reduce your SGLI. Your election will become immediately effective if, on the very first day of your duty, you cancel or reduce your SGLI. In case an election is made by you after the first day of duty, then it will become effective at the end of that calendar month. If your part-time coverage is being cancelled or reduced by you, then your election will become effective only at the end of the last day of your duty period. Refer the SGLI Handbook, 3.01 and 3.02 for more details. The service members who are married must be aware that the Department of Defense of the election will notify their spouses when they choose to cancel the coverage. Also, when they choose to reduce their coverage lesser than the maximum amount, the first reduction of their coverage and also the reductions of the coverage that result in lesser than the first reduction will be notified to their spouses.

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