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How Do The Proceeds Get Paid?

The SGLI proceeds are paid in lump sum or in 36 equal monthly payments. In the form SGLV 8286 you can specify from the two options. The OSGLI pays the proceeds according to the option chosen by you. It will be paid to the beneficiary in lump sum, in case you don’t specify or select any option in the form. If you select lump sum option, the beneficiary (ies) will be given option of receiving the lump sum amount through check, Prudential Alliance Account or through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). For beneficiaries who receive payment in lump sum can also avail the advantage of no cost professional financial advice through Beneficiary Financial Counselling Service. For more information on BFCS, please follow the provided link Beneficiary Financial Counseling page. For payments less than $5000, for payments to individuals who reside outside U.S. and its territories, or for other payments, alliance is not available. These will be through check payment.

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