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How do I contact VA about a Fiduciary related matter?

contact VA

To contact VA about a fiduciary matter, please call: (888) 407-0144 When prompted, choose the appropriate Fiduciary Hub.

(Option 1): Columbia Fiduciary Hub: NC, SC, FL, GA, Columbia Fiduciary Hub PO Box no: 9367 Columbia, SC 29209-9998

(Option 2): Lincoln Fiduciary Hub OK, SD, KS, ND, NE, TX Lincoln Fiduciary Hub PO Box no: 5444 Lincoln, NE 68505-5444

(Option 3): Indianapolis Fiduciary Hub: NJ, NY, CT, DE, PA, RI, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, NH, OH Indianapolis Fiduciary Hub PO Box no: 441480 Indianapolis, IN 46244

(Option 4): Louisville Fiduciary Hub: VA, WV, AL, KY, TN, MS, and PR Louisville Fiduciary Hub PO Box no: 3487 Louisville, KY 40201

(Option 5): Salt Lake City Fiduciary Hub CA, CO, AK, AZ, NV, OR, HI, ID, MT, WA, WY, NM, UT Salt Lake Fiduciary Hub PO Box no: 58086 Salt Lake City, UT 84158

(Option 6): Milwaukee Fiduciary Hub MO, WI, LA, MN, AR, IA, and IL Milwaukee Fiduciary Hub PO Box no: 14975 Milwaukee, WI 53214-0975 You can also visit the “Contact us” link at the top of the VA website and select “Ask a Question” to post your queries.

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  1. Ivette Mejias (tutor of Reinaldo Hernandez Morales)
    Reinaldo Hernandez Morales, SFC ®
    PO Box 5076
    Aguadilla, PR 00605

    March 14, 2016

    Louisville Fiduciary Hub
    PO Box 3487
    Louisville, KY 40201



    My name is Ivette Mejias, I am Reinaldo Hernandez Morales’ wife and tutor. The “desperate,” reason for this letter is to please ask for the monthly compensation payment that was returned. The payment that was supposed to be received in March 1, 2016 was returned to your institution by the bank and now we are facing financial hardship in our monthly payments/obligations.

    We have call every day since march 3, 2016 in Puerto Rico and Louisville, KY and we haven’t received anything or information in regards to this situation. Please, resolve this matter and make the monthly payment, we are behind in our monthly obligations because of this situation. Our phone number is 787 404 6645 or 787 504 7114. Thanks for your attention and consideration in this important matter.


    Ivette Mejias Reinaldo Hernández Morales, SFC ®

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