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Hiring Veterans: An Employer’s Perspective

The Employer’s Perspective on Hiring Veterans

The University of Southern California Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans organized an event recently to introduce a large number of world-class companies to the veterans who are looking for a job. Some of the companies that were part of this event are Disney, Deloitte, Home Depot, and Prudential. The employer’s of these companies who attended the event had a lot in common. Let’s have a look at their opinion about such an event.

They Really Want to Hire Veterans

The first thing that was visible among all the employers was that they actually wanted to hire veterans. HRs from some companies had generations of people in their families who’ve worked in the military and they did understand the importance of them in their life. While other recruiters talked about the veterans that they’ve already hired and how important they’re to the company. It was clearly visible that these companies had nothing but respect and some great opportunities for the veterans. A lot of people actually believe that such events don’t really provide any substantial opportunities for the veterans, however, a visit to an event like this will surely change your perception.

Difficult to Understand Resumes

Many employer’s did mention the fact that many a times the resumes given by the veterans are very difficult to understand. While in the service, you might be used to speaking in complete acronyms, but when it comes to private company jobs, these acronyms can reduce your chances of getting the job. What you need to do is translate your skills and qualification in a language that can be easily understood by the employer’s. When you are about to send your resume for a private job, make sure that you ask someone who is not familiar with the military, go through your resume once. Even though they do not have the HR skills of building a resume, they can easily let you know about the parts that they were unable to understand. You can edit these parts and rewrite them in a simpler language.

Many of Them Have a Plan

One of the most astonishing things that was common among a lot of companies was the fact that many of these companies have a plan when it comes to hiring veterans and their families. For instance, Disney had a goal of hiring 1,000 veterans in a period of 3 years, and they surpassed the goal within a few months and then revised their plan again. Prudential too, wants to hire 1000 veterans this year. Moreover, they also have programs for training the spouses of the veterans as well. Home Depot has a training program which is specifically designed for spouses of the veterans. Their transfer policy was also revised this year to make it easier for them to find a job when they move to a new location.

Such events are very helpful in finding jobs for the veterans. Though it was the first by the organization, it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

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