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Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids – Eligibility

The number of vets eligible to receive eyeglasses and hearing aids are huge. They can receive it easily from VA center. Vets must fulfill at least one of the requirements.

  • A compensable service connected disability is a must
  • Should be an ex POW
  • Purple heart service award should be awarded to him
  • He must be enjoying benefits
  • Should be an increased pension recipient as he needs money to survive
  • Those whose disabilities are connected to the chronic medical treatments and he is getting treatment for that or may be a situation that caused other illness. For example, brain injury and stroke.
  • Vets with the proof of issues die to which he is unable to perform different daily tasks.
  • Vets whose impairments are very much significant that they are not able to live as normal people
  • Vets whose service-connected hearing issues rated zero percent or service-connected vision disabilities rated zero percent.

If you are looking to learn much more about your eligibility, the first thing that you need to do is to register or enroll and verify in the VA Health Care program. Once you have enrolled, you can receive a huge amount of services that will really help you a lot. The services cover each and every aspect. If not, the vision and the hearing aids will only be provided in special circumstances as approved by VA unlike the normal vision or hearing loss.

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