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Montgomery GI Bill Home Mortgage Overview

Service members and veterans gets benefited by cash and various other different support programs by means of which, they can get the help on education and training cost under Montgomery GI Bill.

Learn to Use Your GI Bill Benefits Eligible for a VA Home Loan

GI Bill Overview Education benefits earned by Active duty members, selected National Guard and Reserved Armed forces personnel and their families from Department of Veteran Affairs is referred under GI Bill.

Comparing the GI Bill Programs Why Choose a VA Home Loan

What are the Different Types of GI Bill Programs? The GI Bill Program is divided into four separate sub categories, each of which is unique in their eligibility standards, maximum benefit amounts, and payout type.

Montgomery GI Bill Eligibility Details Mortgage Rates for VA Home Loans

Eligibility details for Montgomery GI Bill Irrespective of how and when someone gains eligibility for MGIB, he needs to adhere to one of the requirements listed below in order to gain eligibility for the bill:

Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty (MGIB)  Are You a First-Time Homebuyer

What is the G.I. Bill? The Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty (otherwise known as the MGIB-AD) program offers VA education benefits, including tuition assistance and career training,

GI Bill – Selected Reserve Program  Financing Options Available When Buying a Home

What is the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve Program? How does the Montgomery GI Bill work? A branch of the primary MGIB, The Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve Program, also referred to as the

Veteran GI Bill User's Guide Contract Guidelines for VA Home Loans

The MGIB User’s Guide The Montgomery GI Bill, also known as the MGIB, offers vocational and educational financial assistance to veterans, active duty, and select reserve service members. As one of the most robust VA

Selected Reserve GI Bill User's Guide  How to be a Responsible Homeowner

User’s Guide on Selected Reserve GI Bill Selected Reserve service members are entitled to GI Bill remuneration to offer help with training and education expenses.

Additional MGIB Features and Details  Streamline (IRRRL) Refinancing for VA Loans

The MGIB program offers a myriad of features and opportunities for service members in all stages of their service, including both active duty and reserves. As the program has continued to improve over the years,

The GI Bill Kicker The VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

The Navy, Marine and Army Corps Funds for College GI Bill Kicker is prominently referred to as the Navy, Army or Marine Corps College Funds is presented via the service branch of the DoD as a part of the

Learn to Use Your GI Bill for Grad School The VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

How someone can use GI bill for Grad School There are many people who are unaware that to get a post graduate degree they can use their Gi Bill. The benefits are paid in similar way as it is to those who are attending

MGIB Licensing and Certification Benefits The VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

License and Certification Program for GI Bill Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) reimburses the cost of certification and licensing tests which are approved specifically for GI Bill. Only the cost of the tests is reimbursed by

MGIB "Buy-Up"The VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

Details of GI Bill buy up program You can add on in your GI Bill benefits by giving some extra contribution through a program called Buy -Up program. Hopefully you already are aware of this.

GI Bill Top-UpThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

What is the Top-Up Program? The GI Bill Top-Up Program allows existing GIs currently serving in active duty to obtain additional financial assistance for books, fees, and other educational applications,

GI Bill TransferabilityThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

The Montgomery GI Bill is one of the most beneficial and comprehensive GI programs, offering educational benefits to service members in all stages of duty. Between the MGIB-AD, MGIB-SR, REAP, and Post-9/11

Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)TRICARE

What is VEAP? The Veteran’s Educational Assistance Program, otherwise known as VEAP, offers educational assistance to veterans who have submitted payments into the program throughout the duration of their

Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)what is TRICARE

What is the Reserve Educational Assistance Program? The Reserve Educational Assistance Program, known as REAP for short, makes VA school benefits available to Reserve members of any military branch,

Survivor and Dependent Educational Assistance Program (DEA)the need for tricare

In the event of a permanently disabling injury or death that is attained during service, eligible dependents and survivors of these veterans are able to obtain VA education benefits to apply to degrees

National Call to Service Program who and what is covered

What is the National Call to Service (NCS) Program? The National Call to Service Program, otherwise known as the NSC program, is one of the many GI education benefits available to service men and women

Veterans Retraining Assistance Programwho and whatnot covered

Details about veterans retraining assistance program For unemployed veterans this program which is known as veterans retraining assistance program comes under VOW to hire hero’s act of 2011.The veterans who

Hiring Our Heroesmaking your case

Corporates committing to Hiring Our Heroes Hiring Our Heroes, How it Start? Hiring of Heroes, a scheme initiated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in March 2011 assists redundant veterans of the military

VOW To Hire Heroes Act of 2011eligibility

If we talk about the word VOW, it is Veteran Opportunity to Work. The main reason to start this act “Vow to hire heroes” was to reduce the unemployment in the veterans. There are more than a million veterans

Military Spouse Business Alliancethe pros and cons

Military Spouse Alliance Uplifting Livelihoods of Military Partners The Military Spouse Alliance an initiative of the Hiring Our Heroes program finds means to assist partners of military servicemen and women through

Free Educational And Vocational Counseling for Military Service Membersthe pros and cons

Brief about free educational and vocational counselling for military members Till the time you are not discharged from your active duty and you are a member of military service with half year or you were discharged not before 12

Military Education Programs Scholarships and Loan Repaymentthe pros and cons

VA Education Benefits: Scholarships and Loan Repayment The Veterans Association offers a number of veteran education assistance programs, including scholarship and loan repayment opportunities.

Yellow Ribbon ProgramTRICARE

What is the Yellow Ribbon Program? Established in 2008, the Yellow Ribbon Program was put into effect by the Post 9-11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act with the aim of offering veteran’s educational benefits.

Veterans Upward Bound what is TRICARE

What is the VUB (Veteran’s Upward Bound)? Implemented by the U.S. Department of Education, the VUB (or Veteran’s Upward Bound) Program began with the intention to provide education benefits for veterans.

Relocation Assistance Programthe need for tricare

When you are going to plan your final move then it is the critical section in transition from the military. To make you transition at relocation section more painless, the relocation assistance program is designed so that you

Dependents’ Educational Assistancewho and what is covered

As per the Dependents’ Educational Assistance given under the Title 38, U.S. Code, the benefits can be used by either the spouse, or the son, or the daughter, of a Veteran who is disables totally or due to service.

Apprentice and On-The-Job Training Programwho and whatnot covered

On the job program and apprentice Are you aware of the fact that, in an on the job or apprentice training program you can use the GI Bill? You can use your GI Bill benefits as an alternative way as GI Bill offers,

VA Unveils Website in Push to Hire More Vetsmaking your case

A new website has been launched by the Department of Veterans Affairs for hiring more vets. The website is filled with a variety of tools that aid in job-searching, and might help the department in hiring more veterans.

Tutorial Assistance Programeligibility

What is the Tutorial Assistance Program? The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs understands the need to have academic benefits for vets that allow honored service members to advance their education.

Work Study Programthe pros and cons

What is the Work Study Program? Are you a veteran interested in working towards a VA benefits entitlement that you can use towards furthering your education? The work-study program is a VA education benefit

Resume Key to Transition from Military to Civilian JobsApplying for a VA Home Loan Refinance

What is the Reserve Educational Assistance Program? The Reserve Educational Assistance Program, known as REAP for short, makes VA school benefits available to Reserve members of any military branch

Transition Assistance Program Overviewmaking your case

Under the transition assistance program, Service member gets all the training, information and tools to confirm that they along with their spouses can be settled in civil life.

Transitioning to Civilian Lifemaking your case

Extended Support to Transition from Military to Civilian Whether you are a junior enlisted freshly or a senior officer having 30 years of military experience, it is never too late to opt for conversion

Getting Ready to Get Out: First Steps making your case

The Beginning of Your Transition If you are thinking about transitioning to a civilian job or are already working on it, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of, to ensure that your transition in the civilian life

Secrets for a Successful Military Transitionmaking your case

How to Ensure That Your Military Transition is Successful? There are a total of 5 steps that a personnel can take to ensure that their transition from the military is as successful as they want it to be.

Transitional Assistance Management Programmaking your case

Health Insurance options of veterans separated involuntarily For some of the duty members who are active and their family members who are eligible, coverage on transitional TRICARE is offered under TAMP

Military Transition Q&A: Finding the Right Fitmaking your case

Q&A on Finding the Correct Veteran Most of the employers are unable to understand how they can hire the right veterans, and when they actually get what they want, they again don’t understand

Out of Uniform: Resume Tips for Making the Transitionmaking your case

From military to civilian- making a smooth change The road to a civilian career from one in the defense can seem quite challenging. No matter how decorated your military career may have been,

Understanding the Language of Transitionmaking your case

Understanding the Transition Jargons If you are up for a transition, you might already know how complex this process can seem at times. Moreover

Picking a School for Your GI Bill Educationmaking your case

When veteran decide to make use of the education benefit or the Post 9/11 bill, one of the major problems is selecting a school. There are hundreds of things that cross their mind and they simply

Where Should I Use My GI Bill?making your case

A friend of mine who shares my veteran status asked me how he can search for a college that accepts Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits. Although there several ways to go about the search,

Deciding on How to Use Your Education Benefitmaking your case

I parted from service in the Navy during the year 2009 and by that time I had obtained my associate’s degree already. Hence it means that I would have finished my bachelor’s degree in two years time period.

Identifying a Veteran-Friendly School: Military Connectionmaking your case

Military Connection: how to identify a veteran friendly school While I was a GI Bill College and veteran student, I had come across numerous colleges and universities that are hospitable to veterans.

Veteran Students on Campus making your case

Almost all veteran students have older ages than most of the traditional students and reside away from campus. Actually, most of them are married with children and they are paying rent or serving a mortgage loan

Raising Your Hand making your case

If you are a veteran student, raising your hand up may prove to be difficult. Being a non-traditional student, you are likely to be years beyond the days when your classroom was not in the hands of another person

Planning Your School Schedulemaking your case

One of the biggest problems that many of the experienced people face while enjoying the Veteran education benefit is the educational load. They don’t have the experience and they don’t know how to schedule

My GI Bill Storymaking your case

Like all the other vets I registered in hope of a better life. I was in extreme pain and tension when I realized that I am not in military anymore. I simply had no idea what I am going to do and how things will happen.

MyCAA: A Great Resource for Military Spouses making your case

Not only is the individual who volunteers to join the military services of his country considered special and courageous but also the person who volunteers to be the spouse of a military personnel is also very special

Writing Military-to-Civilian Resumes: Make Your Resume Interviewablemaking your case

Military to Civilian Resumes There are various options to write a resume and one can be assured that it is not an easy job. There are various expert services available on writing resumes. This can certainly bring down your stress level.

Asking for Recommendations as You Build Your Brandmaking your case

Getting recommended while building the ‘you’ brand In a job interview, your credibility and the narrative that you create for yourself will make all the difference. It is of prime importance here that when a third person

Benefits of Having Clearancemaking your case

The Various Advantages of Having a Clearance Having a clearance, irrespective of its status has many advantages. No matter if you have an Active, Lapsed, or Inactive security clearance, let us have a look at various

Discussing Prior Service With Interviewersmaking your case

How to Discuss Your Past Experience With The Interviewers? A lot of interviewers believe that a veteran’s past experience in the military resembles to what they have seen in the Hollywood movies.

Hiring Veterans: An Employer’s Perspectivemaking your case

The Employer’s Perspective on Hiring Veterans The University of Southern California Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans organized an event recently to introduce a large number of world-class companies

Introduction to Security Clearancesmaking your case

A Brief Overview of Security Clearances What is a Security Clearance? A Security learance is given by Federal Government only to the selected personnels or a company, as a permit to access classified facilities

Job Hunting: 3 Tips on What We Do Rightmaking your case

3 Tips That Can Increase Your Chances of Clearing an Interview If you search on the internet, you’ll find hundreds and thousands of articles that talk about what the veterans do incorrectly during the interview

Private Industry vs. Federal Job Resumes: Apples and Orangesmaking your case

The Apples and Oranges Difference Between Federal and Private Job Resumes When it comes to explaining the difference between a Federal and Private job resume, an orange and an apple

The Security Clearance Advantage making your case

The Advantage of Having an Active Security Clearance Having an ‘Active’ Security Clearance is certainly one of the most important qualifications that a serviceman, who is transitioning from the military to a private job

Your Future Depends on Your State of Mindmaking your case

You State of Mind Decides Your Future If you have been through an event that was life-threatening, like a natural disaster, military combat, severe accident, terrorist attack, or a personal assault like rape