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During What Periods Are You Covered?

Veterans who are insured under SGLI are covered for the following periods: Full Time Coverage for Active Duty In case you are an active duty member on full-time basis, you will get coverage for the whole year. You will get an effective coverage during active duty or any sort of inactive duty training along with 120 days after getting separated from the duty. Full Time Coverage for Reserve/Guard Duty In case you are a member of the National Guard or National Reserves, and you are serving a unit where according to the schedule you have to serve for at least 12 inactive and retirement creditable duty periods, you will get coverage on a full-time basis for the whole year. Moreover, you also have the coverage for 120 days after getting separated from the service. Part-Time Coverage Part-time coverage is given to the members of National Guard or National Reserves who are not eligible for the above described full-time coverage. The part-time coverage is normally applied to the servicemen who have drilled for just a few days within a year. For instance, the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) members attend call-ups comprising of just one day. They are commonly known as musters and are entitled to the part-time coverage.

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