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Duplicate Error on Customer Entry Form

If you are unable to submit an inquiry because you received an error message about a duplicate Social Security Number (SSN), duplicate claim number or a duplication of any other identifying information, please do the following: 1. Delete the information generating the error (i.e., if the error relates to a copied SSN, remove the information in the SSN section of the form). 2. Scroll to the Question field at the top of the form and report the error. Also provide the specific information you tried unsuccessfully to enter (i.e., if there is a duplicate SSN error, please state the problem is a duplicate SSN issue and also provide the correct SSN in the body of the message so we have enough information to track down the problem.) 3. In the Topic field, select: All Technical, Password and Access Problems, and then select Subtopic: VA Dept Website Tech Issues. 4. Provide your contact information (name, address, etc.) in the fields that have not generated an error so we can notify you as soon as the problem has been resolved. 5. In the Veteran Status section of the form (below your contact information), select: a General Question (Vet Info Not Needed). 6. Click the Submit button.

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