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Do VA benefits cover nursing home care?

Benefits offered by the Veterans Authority cover many long-term services including respite care, geriatric evaluation, adult daycare, in-home health care, and nursing home care. Benefits related to nursing homes may be available if the veteran meets certain qualifications. These qualifications include: nursing care must be required by the veteran as a result of a service-connected disability, or the veteran is deemed unemployable and has a 60% service-connected disability rating, or is totally and permanently disabled and has a 60% service-connected disability rating, or for some other conditions where the veteran possesses a combined service-connected disability rating of more than 70%. The veteran will be provided with nursing care in a nursing home owned by the VA. Non-compensable 0% service-connected veterans along with non-service connected disabilities may apply for VA’s long-term care, but co-payments may be required. Veterans having some compensable service-connected disability are exempt from making co-payments for long-term care. Non-service connected veterans who filed for a nursing home care unit or extended care may need to submit the completed VA Form 10-10EC to determine their current assets and family income. When a veteran no longer requires any sort of nursing care, they will be discharged from the nursing home care facility. For example, the veteran will be discharged from the facility if all his or her care needs can be taken care of within the home. Veterans who are seeking nursing home care services for a service-connected condition or those having a rating of more than 70% are eligible for indefinite extended care services in a nursing facility owned by the VA or a nursing home contracted by the VA.

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