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Do I have to make a long-term care copayment?

Nonservice-connected veterans and non-compensable zero percent service-connected veterans may be subject to a long-term care copayment. Some veterans may be required to complete VA Form 10-10EC, Application for Extended Care Services. Veterans with a compensable service-connected disability do not have to make a long-term care copayment.


  1. I had filled out a form 180 Wednesday 5/10/17 on line requesting DD 214 and something went wrong and i lost the page i was suppose to print off (signature page) to sign and fax or mail back to confirm request. Did not know at time that it had processed, but i received email with a Vetrees Notification # -2-9HH8DY7 in reference to John H Tanner DOB 7/24/1925
    How would i retrieve the signature page that i need to sign with out going through the process again to keep from confusing the process?
    Thank You

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