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Dependents’ Educational Assistance

As per the Dependents’ Educational Assistance given under the Title 38, U.S. Code, the benefits can be used by either the spouse, or the son, or the daughter, of a Veteran who is disables totally or due to service. This DEA program can also be used by those people whose family member in the military service is/was missing during their service or in case they were taken as prisoner by a foreign government or other forces.

For the child who is still a dependent of a disabled service member(Veteran) then these DEA program benefits can be obtained when they reach the age of 18 and use them until they are 26 years old. Also this range can be extended under certain circumstances. Under this Dependents’ Educational Assistance program, during the time when you attend school, you are entitled to receive the benefits such as the pay for tuition and the fees, books and other school supplies, in addition to a stipend every month as allowance. These benefits can be availed up to the highest public undergraduate schooling within the state. For those military spouses of a disabled veteran, they are eligible to benefit for a 20 year time period when they are covered under the DEA program which starts on or after the 10th of October 2008 which was the date when the total rating decision became effective. These spouses are eligible for the program’s benefits only when they still remain married as spouses to the veterans who are disabled. In case this determination had been made prior to 0th October 2008, then their eligibility includes only a 10 year time period.

You would probably now think about the duration that the Dependents’ Educational Assistance program will last for and how much assistance you will get from the benefits of the DEA program. Well, as far as how much amount you will receive is concerned, it totally depends on the type of educational course you pursue- a degree course, certificate or an apprenticeship program, etc. and also the place or school where you attend the course. Also the monthly rate of payment under the program will increase each year on October 1, which in turn is based on the increase in the Consumer Price Index. When it comes to the time duration that the DEA program lasts for, you will generally be receiving benefits for up to a minimum of 45 months. In case you meet the eligibility criteria in more than one educational program for veterans, then you can avail the DEA benefits for about 48 months’ time.

Whatever VA educational program that an individual opts for, it is very important that the program must be approved and accredited by the VA only after which the person can make use of the DEA benefits. It must also be noticed that one must stay away or avoid pursuing certain courses like bartending, self-improvement courses, radio courses, other recreational or vocational course programs if they want to benefit from the DEA program.

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