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Dependent Compensation

DIC: Dependency and Indemnity Compensation

A monthly payment depending on the job grade of the dependent is what is compensated, and it is paid to survivors when the death of a service member occurs. And it has to be determined by DVA if it was service related for survivors to get the payment. The link bellow will show you different rates of service members: www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/rates/comp030

The payment is not taxable, and it is adjusted annually because of the cost of living also goes high. DIC benefits will not be paid unless someone applies for them. Applications should be submitted to the DVA offices, and your casualty assistant officer can help you through the process.

The following documents needed for submitting together with the application:

  • Report of Casualty, DD Form 1300.
  • VA Form 21-534a – should be completed.

This amount of benefit is paid to a spouse, so long as the spouse has not remarried before the age of 57. However, should the spouse get married the benefits are reinstated by DIC but the income is not affected by the eligibility. Proof of the relationship between the service member and the deceased is the only requirement that is needed for eligibility.

You can follow this link: www.va.gov for more information or call 800 – 827 – 1000 or contact DVA local offices.

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