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Death While on Duty

Death while on duty, how are survivors compensated?

When a family member or a beloved one dies while on duty is very painful and at times they become upended. The military assigns an assistant who will see you through the hard times and assist you in all the processes on benefits, entitlements and funeral arrangements. Whatever privileges and benefits one is entitled to have the assistant should be able to help you get them.


A death gratuity is normally given in lump sum and it paid by the DOD. Is when member losses someone who was on active duty, when a person is an inactive duty for training, dies within 120 days after reporting from duty or active on duty for training. An assistant from the military is assigned to the survivors, funeral arrangements are taken care of, and later privileges and benefits are received.

The amount or payment is for assisting the survivors in meeting their daily expenses. The people who are supposed to receive these payments are:

  • If a person was designated as a parent, brother or sister by the service member.
  • A surviving spouse
  • Children who are in the family regardless of their ages or marital status.

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