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Correct construction defects

I purchased a newly constructed home that was inspected by VA (or HUD/FHA) during construction and I have complaint items which the builder is not taking care of. Is there anything VA can do to help me? If the new home was inspected by a fee compliance inspector assigned by VA or HUD during construction, VA has complaint processing procedures that are used to attempt to get the builder to correct construction defects which VA determines are the builder’s responsibility. A complaint must be registered with VA within the first year of ownership. Ultimately, VA does not have the authority to force a builder to make corrections to a property. Also, some problems may be determined by VA to be within minimum standards of acceptable building practice. In such cases, VA will not look to the builder for correction. However, when builders refuse to correct items which VA determines are their responsibility to correct, VA will take administrative sanctions against them and refuse to do further business with them. In the end, some veterans may still need to pursue legal action against the builder.

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