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Copay and Charges for VA Health Care Services

In order to make use of the VA care, a monthly premium is not necessary, though copay will be demanded from you.

Health care services can be provided to almost all the veterans for free of cost depending on a remunerative service-related condition and other factors of eligibility;

however the veterans must go through a yearly financial assessment in order to find whether they are eligible to receive the free health services.

The veterans must agree to pay for the copays in order to be qualified for the free VA health care services. This copay is applicable for those veterans who have a gross household income and their average net worth that is more than the threshold determined by the VA and also for those veterans who don’t want to undergo the annual financial assessment. Also it must be noticed that the veterans who don’t agree to provide their net worth details and those new veterans who enroll for the health care services after 16th January 2003 are not eligible for the services.

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