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Comprehensive Homeless Centers

The VA’s CHCs (Comprehensive Homeless Centers) provide a variety of VA homeless initiatives at a single medical center area and provide administration within a centralized framework. With broad partnerships by none VA providers, VA’s Comprehensive Homeless Centers in Dallas, Ohio, Alaska, Anchorage, Brooklyn, Texas, Ney York, Cleveland, Arkansas, California, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and West Los Angles, California, give out infinitive care that reaches out to the displaced ex-soldiers and aids them to avoid being displaced, using different treatment programs. Also, Readjustment Counseling Service’s Vet Centers give out psychological counseling, referrals, outreach to other VA and community initiatives. Each Vet center has a homeless ex-soldier coordinator who will ensure the displaced veterans’ needs are met.

A National Call Center for the displaced veterans was established by the Department of VA, so as to make sure that the homeless ex-soldiers, who are at-risk, have a toll-free line to contact any trained counselor at any time. The call center aims to assist affected veterans, including their families, VA medical centers, community, federal, local partner, state agencies and other in the community. To get in touch with a VA trained member use: 877-4AID VET (877-424-3838).

Excess Property for Homeless Veterans


This is a program that work for the distribution of individual property, including socks, footwear, parkas, hats and other things to the homeless ex-soldiers, via the VA domiciliary and other programs. It is responsible for the distribution of materials worth 125 USD million and currently has more than 15 USD in inventory. The program uses formerly rehabilitated homeless ex-soldiers to distribute the goods to others in need.

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