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You say I am eligible for SGLI coverage as a member of the Guard (or Reserve) now that I have been demobilized. Why did I recently receive an application for VGLI?

Information received from Veterans Assistance Discharge System is used by OSGLI to send electronic applications of VGLI to the servicemen who recently got discharged from the active duty. Unfortunately, on the basis of the information, OSGLI is not allowed to identify whether you will continue being qualified for SGLI due …

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How Does A Member Make A Claim For TSGLI?

If you have to file a claim for benefits of TSGLI, you should: Download the form SGLV-8600, Application for TSGLI Benefits . The form may also be acquired from your service branch of the TSGLI office or from the Servicemen Group Life Insurance office by making a call at the …

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Who Is The Beneficiary Of TSGLI?

The beneficiary of TSGLI is the serviceman himself/herself. No other person can be named as a beneficiary of the benefits received as a result of TSGLI. In case the serviceman is declared incompetent, the benefits will be provided to the attorney-in-fact or guardian of the serviceman.

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Is the money secure?

Yes. Funds in alliance accounts have the back of the financial support of the State Guaranty Associations and The Prudential Insurance Company of America. Therefore, the alliance account is not a bank product or a bank account and is not insured by FDIC.

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