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VGLI how are the Proceeds Paid?

Beneficiaries will have proceeds paid to them in either a lump sum or in 36 equal monthly payments, according to how the insured specified that they were to be paid. If the method of payment has not been specified, the beneficiary may choose their preferred method of payment, either in …

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When does coverage for my spouse end?

The coverage of your spouse will end 120 days after any of the following events occur: The date you elect in writing to terminate your spouse¬ís coverage The date you elect in writing to terminate your own coverage The date of your death The date of your separation from the …

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Are veterans of Bosnia and Kosovo entitled to healthcare?

Yes, provided that the service dates of the veteran occurred after November, 11 1998. The Department of Defense pays hostile fire or imminent danger pay to both of these areas. The DoD list can be located at http://www.defenselink.mil/comptroller/fmr/07a/07A10.pdf Alternatively, you can reference the VHA Directive 2004-017, establishing Combat Veteran Eligibility, …

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