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What Happens If You Don’t Pay Premiums On Time?

If you do not make a premium payment within the 60 days grace period, VGLI coverage will be suspended. A notification regarding the suspension along with a reinstatement form will be sent to you. You have the choice to apply for the reinstatement of coverage within 5 years from the …

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How Do You Name A Beneficiary?

While you are applying for VGLI, any legal entity, corporation, firm, or person may be named as a beneficiary to the amount that will be received through VGLI. If you want any change the beneficiary, a completed and signed SGLV 8721, Beneficiary Designation – Veterans’ Group Life Insurance form must …

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How Do You Convert VGLI to an Individual Policy?

At any time, your coverage for VGLI may be converted to an individual life insurance policy in affiliation with a private company that is on the panel of the program. The amount up to that for VGLI coverage may be converted. Information regarding the process along with a list of …

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