Burial Flags

Any veteran who serves the military honorably are provided with the US flags at no price for covering their casket or accompanying the urn of a veteran who got deceased. This is done so that the memory of the service of the veteran at the military may be honored.

 A burial flag will be furnished for everyone except those with dishonorable discharge:

  • Contributors of War
  • Got deceased while service after 27th May, 1941
  • Member of VA having served the military after 31st January, 1955.
  • Peacetime veteran having got released or discharged before 27th June, 1950.
  • Veterans who served the commonwealth allied forces of Philippines while serving US army and got deceased on or after 25th April, 1951.
  • Some selected ex members of Reserves.

The next of kin is given the flag as a keeper after it is used for the funeral. In case there is no next of kin, the flag will be furnished to a friend who has made a request for it. The families of the veterans who are buried in the national cemeteries are entitled to donate the burial flags for hoisting on patriotic holidays.

A flag may be applied for by submitting the completed VA Form 21-2008 for US flag for Burial Purposes.

A US flag may be gotten from any postal office or a regional office of the VA. You will have the help of the director of the funeral for obtaining the flag. On flag is allowed for the funeral of a veteran by law. In case it is destroyed, lost or stolen, it won’t be replaced. However, some of the organizations of veterans and some community groups may assist you in getting another flag in that case.

The appropriate orientation of displaying the flag is dependent upon if the casket is closed or open. The VA Form 21-2008 has the correct SOPs for folding and displaying the flag. It may be accessed at (www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21-

It is not appropriate to display the burial flag outside your property due to its fabric and size as it is pure cotton and may get damaged by changing weather conditions. Instructions for folding a flag may be accessed at: www.va.gov/opa/publications/celebrate

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