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Benefits for Surviving Spouses and Families of Veterans

The provided benefits are equally important for the veteran as well as their families.

The veterans who are thinking about being a part of the battle field want to have a surety that their dependents will be taken good care of while they are gone, provided it may be permanent or temporary. In case you are a spouse of a deceased veteran, you are entitled to certain benefits. In addition to burial assistance, educational assistance and health care benefits, the spouse also fall under the eligibility criteria of receiving different sorts of financial helps and monetarily benefits. Dependents and surviving spouses will be addressed directly in this chapter.

One of the toughest tasks that a spouse has to accomplish after their life partner is gone is to file all the applications and forms for receiving different benefits. This whole thing about how to do it, whom to contact and other stuff may not be a good experience. The following website may be visited for any further details: www.vba.va.gov/bln/dependents/index.

The required documents for application of survivor benefits:

  • DD214 or discharge certificate of veteran.
  • The social security number or VA claim number of veteran.
  • Death certificate of the veteran
  • Government life insurance policy
  • Marriage certificate and divorce decree’s copy
  • Copy of birth certificates of wards
  • Birth certificate of veteran for parents benefits

Department of Defense

Survivors Guide

It is one of the best and most explaining guides available for the spouses in order to learn about their benefits. It may be downloaded by visiting:


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