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VA During What Periods Are You Covered?

Veterans, having SGLI, are covered during the following periods: Full Time Coverage – Active Duty: If the person is on active duty and has opted for full-time membership, the coverage remains active for a whole year. Coverage is considered to be effective during the active duty period, during the inactive …

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Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD)

The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development or JRRD is a publication which has been publishing the latest research in rehabilitation worldwide for the last fifty years. It is VA sponsored, and operates under the VHA Office of Research and Development, Rehabilitation Research and Development Service. The site http://www.rehab.research.va.gov/jrrd/index.html has …

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Share information about my healthcare experience

Our aim is to provide you the care in the best possible way and for that reason, you are encouraged to give us your feedback. In case you have a problem with your Primary Care Provider, you can discuss it with him/her in person. If your problem remains unresolved, the …

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Why doesn’t VA bill Medicare?

VA does not bill Medicare because it is prohibited by law. However, VA is under obligation to bill private health insurance providers for providing services to treat non-service connected conditions. This includes many medical insurance companies that provide Medicare supplementary insurance coverage such as Cigna, AARP, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, …

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What services are provided for blind veterans?

Visually impaired veterans can obtain services provided by VA Medical Facilities through the Visual Impairment Services Coordinator. Only veterans with vision difficulties may be eligible for long term treatment at VA’s rehabilitation center or clinic. Aids and service for visually impaired veterans are as follows: A total health and benefits …

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