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Steps to Avoid a Foreclosure

http://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/docs/foreclosure_avoidance_fact_sheet.pdf link has all the facts gathered in one place to provide users with information related to the tools which can be utilized to avoid foreclosure. It also contains information regarding residential loan delinquencies.

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Are veterans of the Coast Guard eligible for healthcare?

Under what circumstances is a Coast Guard veteran eligible for healthcare enrollment? The eligibility requirements for VA Heath Care benefits are no different for a veteran currently serving or who has served in the Coast Guard than veterans who served or are serving in the Air Force, Navy or other …

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How much coverage is available for my spouse?

Usually, you are allowed to purchase $100,000 in installments of $10,000. However, the SGLI insurance amount available for your spouse will always be equal or less than the amount you can purchase. Let us suppose that the SGLI coverage amount for you is $60,000. If that’s the case, then you …

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Health Care Financing & Economics (HCFE)

What does Health Care Financing & Economics do? Health Care Financing & Economics came was created with the mission of enhancing the processes dealing with the way health services are delivered. HCFE researches the economic aspects and maintenance of health services. The HCFE also publishes research results to fulfill its …

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