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How Do I Order Prescription Refills?

Order Prescription Refills

Prescription Refills are processed through the mail and not for pickup at the pharmacy window. They should be requested at least three weeks before you run out of medication. Maintenance medication should be re-ordered as soon as it is received. This will allow ample time for processing and delivery. Please …

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Are OIF/OEF veterans ever charged a co-payment?

veterans charged co-payments

Combat veterans are exempt from co-payments for the care of any condition potentially related to their service in a theater of combat operations. However, veterans may be charged co-payments for treatment unrelated to their military service, as identified by their VA provider. Conditions not considered to be related to the …

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How can I exit the Fiduciary Program?

To exit the Fiduciary Program, a written request with evidence of the beneficiary’s ability to manage his/her financial affairs must be submitted by him/her to the VA regional office of jurisdiction. For the address of the VA jurisdiction office, check here.

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Dependents and Medical Care Overseas

Some U.S. military Veterans may live outside of the United States after their discharge from the military. This might include Veterans working at American embassies and consulates abroad, those who work for multi-national companies, or those who do so by choice for family reasons. Regardless of your particular circumstances, most …

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